Scrimmage Games

Keiki Soccer Pros “Bonus” Scrimmage Games Ages 5 to 11. Fridays at St Anythony’s school Wailuku. Sat TBA

What to expect:

  • Scrimmage Games are for players ages 5 to 11 only and registered for the “Fall/Winter 2021” season.
  • Parent will need to join our team on the HEJA app to register player for scrimmage games.  Email Coach Tom if you need help.
  • Dates and times TBA
  • Games are FREE and OPTIONAL, in addition to your regular weekly class
  • Keiki Soccer Coaches guide players to focus on teamwork, fundamentals of the game and FUN
  • Family attending games: cheering should be positive and encouraging.
  • Players are grouped by age and size for an optimal and fair playing experience
  • Due to optional nature of scrimmage games, rained out games will not be made up
  • Register now online for your weekly class or call our office at 808-633-4070
  • Please wear your Keiki Soccer Pros shirt to games
  • Scrimmage vest with your team color provided each game, return to coach after game
  • Sneakers are acceptable to wear.  Shin guards are optional and not required.
  • Games run for roughly 45 to 50 minutes, with water breaks.

All Maui games are held in Kahului.  Please wear your Keiki Soccer shirt and arrive on time.  For registered FALL/WINTER 2021 players only. Mahalo!

Parent Reviews

“My daughter was a very shy child before coming to Keiki Soccer Pros. Now she has a great time learning, interacting, and having fun with a sport she has grown to love. She talks about going to soccer all the time!”
"The way our coach interacted with the children was excellent. It was great to see the kids actually play with the soccer balls for the whole class. They did not do that at the other soccer program we had tried. Thank you so much.”