Group Classes

Class Details by Age Group

Pro Soccer Kids organizes group classes by age. Class duration optimizes each child’s willingness to learn, ability to remember skills from one week to the next and is the longest time for most children’s attention span. We pack a lot of skill-building and fun for each age group.

Youngest Age Group: “Parent & Me” Class Age 24 to 36 months, 40 minutes:

Parent & Me Class (24-36 months) 40 minute class:
This interactive class brings you direct involvement with your child. Instead of watching from the sidelines, you participate in the class. It’s tons of fun to spend time together while easing your child into social situations with support and confidence. As a parent, grandparent or Aunty/Uncle, you’ll fully participate in this dynamic class. It’s an awesome way to spend time together, skill build, and make new friends.

  • A Fun Warm Up with soccer ball
  • Stretching and Balance
  • Creative Activities with props (such as tall or flat cones, hoops, small nets, etc)
  • Following one-step instructions
  • Playing with “teammates”
  • Slow Movement with Ball (teaching “no hands” dribbling), using various size soccer balls
  • Shooting (GOOOOOAL!)
  • Stickers at the end of the class

Older Age 2s Independent Class (roughly 28-38 months), 40 Minute Class

  • Parents watch from sidelines
  • Running, jumping, kicking…GOALS!
  • Basic techniques & gentle stretches
  • Warm up exercises & free play
  • Make new friends, team concept
  • Verbal and visual demonstration
  • Introduction to colors and numbers
  • Work on balance, coordination and
  • Single-step instructions
  • Introduce walking with ball – “Dribbling”

Age 3 (36 to 48 months) 45 Minute Class

  • Parents watch from sidelines
  • Jumping, Kicking ball…Scoring GOALS!
  • Drills to familiarize player with soccer ball
  • Develop running ability
  • Walking with ball – “Dribbling”
  • Stopping / trapping ball
  • Shooting unopposed
  • Basic Game Foundation
    • Intro to directional play
    • Concept of “Team”
    • Learning to turn with the ball
  • Having fun and practicing good sportsmanship

Age 4 (48 to 60 months) 50 Minute Class

  • Obstacles courses using soccer ball
  • 1v1 exercises
  • Exercises with the soccer ball
    • Dribbling (faster), change of pace
    • Obstacle courses using soccer ball
    • Introduction to passing
    • Shooting improvement
    • Toe taps
    • Turning, moving in different directions with ball
  • Introduce “Scrimmage Game”
    • Directional play
    • Supportive and positive environment
    • Beginner team concepts & fair play

Age 5 and up One Hour Class

  • Basic conditioning/stretching
  • Skill Drills
    • Pass/Receive ball
    • Intermediate dribbling – using all parts of foot
    • Shooting exercises
    • Pull back/outside/inside cut
    • Running with the ball
  • Scrimmage
    • Positive environment
    • Learning to defend/attack
    • Fun, competitive team play
    • Skill synthesis – putting it all together

Parent Reviews

“Aloha Keiki Soccer Pros!  I like to thank your coaches for the great time my daughter Vanessa had. They are great with kids and the lessons were challenging and never boring. Coaches are funny too. I am looking forward to start again next season. Mahalo!"
“I wanted to drop you a note expressing how happy I am that I found KEIKI SOCCER PROS and how much my son enjoys playing. Your staff is full of ENERGY, patience and understanding. My son is four and had played with you since age two. The scrimmage games are a great idea. Mahalo nui to you and your wonderful staff.”