About Us

Maui resident Coach Tom Creagh has played and coached soccer all over the world, including Ireland and Australia.  He shares his love and excitement for soccer with kids of all ages and skill levels, starting as young as two!  Coach Tom and his coaching staff have helped over 20,000 kids learn and sharpen their soccer skills in a fun and positive atmosphere for the past 20 years.


Keiki Soccer Pros’ coaches provide a simple, engaging, and fun class experience for your child.  Our class activities are created to inspire your child whether he or she is kicking a ball for the first time or the thousandth.  We provide everything for class: soccer shirt, soccer balls, nets, cones, mats, and stickers!

We work on both individual and team skill-building.  We provide a consistent class format, so kids are familiar with the flow, while also presenting different games so that kids are excited and interested to learn each week.  We welcome all skill levels- no experience needed!

All Keiki Soccer Pros coaches are trained by Coach Tom. He shares his joy of teaching soccer to toddlers and youth of Hawai’i.  For specifics about how we run our program, see our PROGRAMS page.
Keiki Soccer Pros have now partnered up with Maui FC club soccer team, This offers more competitive soccer for the advanced player who is looking to take their skills to another level. Players born in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 who are interested please email Tom@keikisoccer.com

AGE 2 & 3

  • We use creative class activities that teach basic soccer skills (dribbling, shooting), incorporating letters, numbers, colors, listening skills, and eye/foot coordination.
  • We emphasize teamwork and treating each other with kindness.  We celebrate accomplishments together each and every class!
  • Class sizes are normally 6-11 kids with two coaches so that each child receives plenty of attention and encouragement.

AGE 4 to 10

  • We introduce and work on directional play, ball handling, shooting, dribbling, and passing with both individual and team skill-building.
  • Most players this age love scrimmage games!  We provide a positive and supportive atmosphere for all games.
  • Our coaches ensure that each class is innovative and engaging. We strive for kids to have fun and feel the sense of accomplishment as they demonstrate new skills.
  • Class size is normally 6-14 kids with two coaches so that each child receives plenty of attention and encouragement.

Parent Reviews

“My daughter was a very shy child before coming to Keiki Soccer Pros. Now she has a great time learning, interacting, and having fun with a sport she has grown to love. She talks about going to soccer all the time!”
"The way our coach interacted with the children was excellent. It was great to see the kids actually play with the soccer balls for the whole class. They did not do that at the other soccer program we had tried. Thank you so much.”